Thank you for visiting my page...I specialise in hyperrealism drawings that I draw with pastels.  Whether you are looking for an original or it is prints art, I can help.  Whatever you are looking for, you may be interested in how this all started

A little girl of about 7 years old once sat in the living room at home with her elderly Grandfather who was baby-sitting. In an effort to occupy and keep her quiet, he handed her a scrap of paper and a pencil and said ‘show me what you can draw’. The little girl stared adoringly at her ‘Grampie’ and began drawing a picture of a bald old man wearing glasses, a thin moustache, smoking a roll-up and sitting in a huge armchair. When she had finished she proudly said ‘there Grampie; I can draw you!!’ He smiled, gave her a huge kiss and told her how proud he was of her and how clever she was. He then carefully folded the scrap of paper, pushed it gently into his tatty brown wallet and said ‘I’m going to keep that forever and take it with me everywhere’. The little girl smiled and cuddled her Grampie: That his where her love for drawing and capturing the true likeness of her subject began.

As I grew up I used drawing with pastel pencils as my way to relax, a release, something to do and enjoy. Lots of people suggested I use my ‘talent’ in my future career but for me drawing was something special, something I never wanted to have to do and so I embarked on a life of offices and administration. I continued to take the occasional commission and as a young mum, I used to enjoy capturing the different stages of my children growing up and many-a-portrait was produced for friends of their children and pets.

As the years went on, life began to get in the way. Mum of two lively teenagers, a divorce, selling and buying a house, a re-marriage and then at 40 something, I enrolled onto a 3-year post-graduate university course in an effort to better my career. The pencils and easel got neatly packed away and put up into a dark corner of the loft; the hours turned to days, the days to weeks and the weeks to years and drawing just became a distant memory of something I used to love to do.

Fast forward to 2018 and a moment of reflection on what a ridiculously busy life I had, what crazy hours I worked and what things I could do to redress my work-life balance. I took a torch, pulled down the loft-ladder and blew the dust off my carefully packed drawing materials and easel from 25 years ago. That’s when I decided to see if I could still do it and to have a go at drawing ‘Double Trouble’, my babies of today, my two stunning Weimaraner's Tiho and Tala…….

……..the rest as they say………… history!!

So from pastel pencil pet portraits, portraits of people and photo portraits, I have now expanded my port folio and art for sale to include a wide range of painting pastels of wildlife in hyper realistic painting styles. From Art Original to art for sale to fine art prints, everything you want is here. If you cannot find what you are looking for just note me and let me know - I am happy drawing portraits or subjects of almost any kind.

This has resulted in my proudly receiving a number of awards which can be viewed on the 'Awards' page of the website

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