Getting Up Close and Personal!

A studio in a spare room of the house, I now shut myself away with a sofa for the dogs and my easel in the corner and do what I love doing. I have been absolutely determined to get better and better and to create portraits that not only are an excellent likeness but that also completely capture the heart and soul of the subject.

For me I like not just to look at a picture from a distance but to go up close, to see the detail involved. I like to see every mark, every line, every hair, every sparkle of an eye but most of all. I like to achieve hyperrealism art and paintings pastel

For commission work I pride myself in obtaining a true likeness of the subject. I like to get the reaction of the person commissioning it – I like to know I have created something for them that means the world, that they can look at and see and hear the personality of their loved one from within the picture. I never cease to be immensely proud that people want my art as a forever keepsake in their homes.

When I am not working on commissions, I like to work on wildlife, using my own or royalty/copyright-free photo references to continue doing what I love, challenging myself to continually improve drawing portraits

As long as there is something on the easel, I am content!

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